Triphasic Reactional Reactional Pro-density, Anti-Volume Loss Ritual


Slows down hair loss - Boost growth

The expert solution for sudden loss of hair density. Slows down the loss of hair volume, nourishes and strengthens the hair. Anti-volume loss effectiveness from the first month proven in 92% of users¹.

Only 1 application per week

94% natural ingredients, Fair For Life equitable active ingredient

Usable by Adults

Type of hair Sudden loss of hair density - Loss of hair density - Silicone free hair care - All scalp types - Sensitive/delicate scalp

Need Loss of hair density - Hair growth

Made in France

Environmental impact



Recyclable packaging (According to sorting instructions France which may vary locally)



94% natural origin ingredients



Made in a factory certified for the environment***

organic plant certified

***according to ISO 14001 standard or ECOVADIS

Societal impact


Product made in France

Fair trade certified raw material

By purchasing this product, you are helping to support our environmental and societal commitments :

René Furterer is involved in the development of fair, inclusive and responsible plant supply chains from suppliers located all over the world.

6 ethical suppl ...y chains set up specifically for sourcing of the brand’s main plant-based key ingredients: Camelina in Auvergne, Argan oil and Henna in Morocco, Shea butter in Burkina Faso, Pfaffia in Brazil, Moringa in Madagascar.

Through these supply chains, René Furterer supports a range of programs, including reforestation, literacy, social and economic autonomy of women and actions to combat malnutrition, while at the same time preserving and developing local skills. Our commitments



94% natural active ingredients

Pfaffia extract (Brazilian ginseng)


Pfaffia Extract comes from an ethical organic farming supply chain. Combined with a scalp massage, it stimulates microcirculation for optimal hair growth.

Lotus Mineral Complex™


Lotus Mineral Complex™, a combination of Blue Lotus, White Lotus and Magnesium Saltwater extracts, limits the effects of cellular stress and preserves the balance of the scalp.



An essential oil is a natural extract that concentrates all the molecules of a plant, without altering them.

In addition to the well-being they provide, essential oils can help the body defend itself against external aggressors, soothe inflammation or stimulate cell regeneration.

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Proven anti-volume loss effectiveness from the 1st month: 92%¹
The hair is resistant after 3 months: 87%²

¹ Evaluation carried out with 51 subjects. Phototrichogram.
² Consumer use test carried out on 99 subjects


*Evaluation carried out with 51 subjects. Phototrichogram.
** 94% natural active ingredients.
*** Active ingredients tested in vitro

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“As if the baby's cries weren't enough, our hair also has to cry out for attention in its own way!”

Constance, 38 years old, actress and screenwriter.

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Frequency of use

Once or twice a week - Recommended as a 3-month ritual

Step 1

After shampooing, apply an entire vial, section by section to a clean, damp scalp.

Step 2

Massage the scalp to let the product absorb. Do not rinse.

After shampooing, apply an entire vial, section by section to a clean, damp scalp. Massage the scalp to let the product absorb. Do not rinse.


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Reviews on  Reactional Pro-density, Anti-Volume Loss Ritual

Reviews on Reactional Pro-density, Anti-Volume Loss Ritual

Tell us what you think, your opinion is very important for us.

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Feels great!

Feels great! | René Furterer USA (

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It's wonderful

I've used this amazing blessing only two times and my shedding has slowed down. This hasn't happened for two years. I'm definitely a believer!!! I will be ordering more very soon. Thank you so much! | René Furterer USA (

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Best product ever..

Best product ever.. | René Furterer USA (

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TRIPHASIC Reactional Concentrated Serum

Triphasic Reactional Serum is easy to use, and hair growth could be seen and felt within weeks. | René Furterer USA (

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No, it does not. Brushing your hair removes dead hair and dirt. Hair loss cannot be due to brushing, which is actually beneficial for your hair, as it aerates and gives volume to the hair.

Yes, that's quite true. Massaging the scalp activates local microcirculation and encourages the generation of nutritional elements necessary for strong hair growth.
Make the most of COMPLEXE 5 Stimulating Plant Concentrate to give yourself a massage. It will increase your well-being and level of relaxation and will also have a real toning and stimulating action on your scalp.

We advise you to wait until birth and/or the end of breastfeeding to start a Triphasic treatment. Reactive hair loss occurs about 3 months after giving birth or stopping breastfeeding.

CASE #1: The treatment is finished and the loss of hair density is due to this treatment:
We advise you to opt for the Triphasic Reactional ritual which slows down so-called reactive loss of density and quickly revitalizes hair.
CASE #2: The treatment is not finished and the loss of density is chronic:
You need to opt for Triphasic Progressive to slow down your chronic loss of density due to your drug treatment.
This care ritual lasts 3 months and is applied twice a week for the first month and once a week for the following 2 months.

Always seek the advice of your doctor before starting a hair loss treatment to ensure that your treatment has no medical interactions.

Seasonal changes can indeed cause hair loss. This phenomenon is all the more visible in the fall.

No, fine hair is not more prone to falling out. However, it is true that fine hair is generally more fragile, and therefore more brittle, but this is not the same as hair loss.

Stress and fatigue are two factors that have a direct influence on hair loss. Hair loss is, in this case, a reaction to this condition. If you fix the problem at the source, there is no reason why you should continue losing your hair.

Any change can provoke stress. Hair loss can indeed be linked to this change of environment. Don't worry, adapting to your new place and finding your new balance will naturally solve your hair loss problem.

No, there is no harm in washing your hair frequently. Washing your hair every day cannot be the cause of hair loss.

I was anorexic. Can it cause hair loss?
Anorexia has consequences on the hair, just like any unbalanced diet. Several stages appear, depending on the duration and severity of the food deprivation. Hair is initially duller, more brittle and then in the long term hair loss occurs. However, by resuming a balanced diet, possibly accompanied by an adapted treatment, hair loss will gradually be regulated.

After chemotherapy, does the hair grow back on its own or is it advisable to use a treatment?
Hair loss is unfortunately a well-known consequence of chemotherapy treatment. Under no circumstances should hair loss treatment be used while chemo is in progress, as this could worsen hair loss. It is therefore necessary to wait until the treatment has been stopped, and then another 2 to 3 months, while the body eliminates the treatment, before starting a hair loss treatment such as TRIPHASIC REACTIONAL. This treatment will activate new hair growth more quickly and provide healthy and invigorated hair growth.
Finally, any oral treatment is discouraged/prohibited after chemotherapy.

Is it better to use VITALFAN and TRIPHASIC REACTIONAL at the same time or is the use of only 1 of the 2 products sufficient?
For an optimal synergy, it is of course ideal to use TRIPHASIC REACTIONAL and VITALFAN Reactional at the same time. This makes it possible to combine a local topical treatment, applied directly on the scalp, with an additional oral treatment, thus obtaining exceptional results.
If you have to choose a single product, opt for TRIPHASIC REACTIONAL, which, used alone, is extremely effective thanks to its topical application, targeted on the scalp. The results are visible from the first month of treatment: Proven anti-hair loss effectiveness in 92% of users*
*Significant average increase in hair in the growth phase (phototrichogram, p<0.001). Clinical study carried out on 51 subjects

When will I be able to see the effects of the product?
TRIPHASIC REACTIONAL offers proven, visible and tangible results from the 1st month of treatment*. The first results are a significant decrease in hair loss after shampooing, brushing, or on your towel or clothes, but also a significant increase in hair volume and thickness from the first month of application of the product. 
The effectiveness of Triphasic Reactional anti-hair loss treatment is proven in 92% of users from the 1st month*.
However, the entire treatment (3 months) must be continued for the results to be as effective as possible.
* Significant average increase in hair density in the anagen phase. Evaluation carried out with 51 subjects. Phototrichogram. 

If I stop, does the hair fall out?
In the case of reactive hair loss, once the full 3-month treatment is completed, regrowth is restarted and hair is strengthened. Reactive hair loss has been treated. If it continues, then it may be progressive hair loss.

I regularly dye my hair myself. Could this be the cause of hair loss?
Hair coloring is rarely the cause of hair loss. However, it can (if frequent, if the application time is too long, etc.) alter the keratin of the hair, making it thin and brittle. The OKARA COLOR ritual is effective in protecting and enhancing the shine of colored hair.

I use tools such as straightening irons, curling irons, hair dryers... Can they cause hair loss?
These styling tools dry out the hair, which then becomes dry and brittle. However, they cannot be held responsible for hair loss. Moderate use of high-performance, hair-friendly tools will not have dramatic consequences on your hair, especially if accompanied by the Style Thermal Protecting Spray.

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