Vitalfan Progressive Progressive Dietary Supplement

Protects hair capital - Repairs strength and vigour to the hair

A dietary supplement that helps fight against progressive, hormonal or hereditary hair loss.

Tailored active ingredients that target progressive hair loss

One capsule per day, dye-free

Usable by Adults

Type of hair Progressive loss of hair density - Loss of hair density - All scalp types

Need Loss of hair density

Made in Italy


Frequency of use

Once a day - Recommended as a 3-month treatment

Take 1 capsule daily with food. For best results use in series of 3 months.

To be taken by mouth. Take a single capsule per day with food for three months.



Niacin (Vitamin PP-Vitamin B3) 16 mg 100%
Vitamin A 600 µg 75
Vitamin B6 1.4 mg 100%
Vitamin E 12 mg 100%
Zinc 10 mg 100%
Watercress Dry Extract 100 mg -
Pumpkin Seed Oil 366.342 mg -
Citrus Dry Extract 30 mg -
Biotin (Vitamin B8) 50 µg 100%

*% NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values

Fish Present
Soy Present

Pumpkin seed oil

Perfect for treating oily scalps, Pumpkin Seed Oil durably regulates sebum production and hormone activity, the cause of progressive hair loss.

Watercress extract with B8, B6, E vitamins and Zinc

Watercress Extract provides sulphur derivatives found in keratin.

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