Brushing... a forgotten age-old gesture

Spending time brushing your hair is the beauty gesture that has been somewhat forgotten today.

Yet it is simple and effective. As long as you take the time to do it properly.

Why should you brush your hair?

Brushing the hair serves two purposes:

  • to close the hair cuticles;
  • to remove dirt from the hair.

The cuticle, the outer layer of the hair shaft, plays the role of protecting the hair. It’s made up of scales, like tiles on a roof, which are interlocked with each other. Covered by a fine layer of sebum, it is thanks to the cuticle that the hair has a shiny and silky appearance.

But when the scales open, the hair loses both its protection and its shine. Regular brushing of the hair therefore keeps the scales closed and well bonded. This ensures the physical protection and shine of the hair.

The sebaceous glands attached to the hair bulb produce sebum, which is essential for both protecting and regulating the moisture of the scalp. When it’s secreted from the scalp, it is deposited on the hair. An excess will leave the roots greasy and weigh the hair down. Brushing allows the sebum to be spread over the lengths, which will help protect the hair from root to tip.

It’s also important to remove all the impurities and pollution particles that are deposited on the hair every day. Brushing is the ideal way to rid the hair of these impurities.


How to brush your hair properly

This age-old beauty gesture has proven its effectiveness! 

Our grandmothers were particularly interested in it. 

We’ve all seen our grandmothers brush their hair with patience and care. If not our grandmothers, we can all picture those movie scenes where, at bedtime, the lady-in-waiting brushes the beautiful silky hair of the mistress of the house with the utmost care.

In the past, people did not wash their hair as often as they do today. So every night, they would meticulously brush their hair to remove hairspray and other residue.

This is just as important today. And yet it seems to be sidelined or, at best, sloppy.

By brushing your hair regularly, it becomes more beautiful, silkier, shinier and easier to manage. Why is this? As we’ve just seen: when you brush your hair, you close the cuticles, smooth it out and rid your locks of dirt and dead strands.

Brushing is to hair what removing make-up is to skin.

A hair-friendly approach

Brushing is important. But for it to be of real benefit to the hair, it must be performed under the right conditions.

Always start by brushing the ends. Then, in a spiral movement, gradually work your way up the lengths and then towards the roots.

Care should be taken not to touch the scalp too much with the brush, as this could damage it and stimulate the sebaceous glands that cause greasy roots.

Brushing your hair before applying a treatment will allow it to benefit optimally from its beneficial effects.

This process should not last less than one minute. We recommend repeating it morning and evening.

Which brush to use?

Ideally, it should be done with 2 brushes. With one brush in each hand, you can perform a circular "reel" technique.


We recommend choosing a brush with close bristles to brush the hair properly. Don’t hesitate to use a quality brush and to take care of it too.

After each brushing, remove the hair remaining on the brush, by hand or with a comb. And once a week, wash it with soap and water or with a disinfectant spray.

Keeping the brush clean is essential if you want your brushing to help cleanse the hair.

Brushing your hair meticulously and regularly allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of this age-old technique: your hair will be left silky and shiny.

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