5 Sens Enhancing Shampoo

Enhances shine

A silicone-free beauty-revealing shampoo, featuring a blend of 5 precious plant oils for shiny, soft, silky hair. For daily use on all hair types.

A captivating fragrance for a unique sensorial experience

100% natural active ingredients, biodegradable


Need Cleansing - Shine

Made in France

Environmental impact



Packaging containing mainly recyclable materials



Biodegradable formula**

**according to OECD 301B test



Made in a factory certified for the environment***

***according to ISO 14001 standard or ECOVADIS

Societal impact


Product manufactured in a factory meeting French social standards

By purchasing this product, you are helping to support our environmental and societal commitments:

René Furterer is involved in the development of fair, inclusive and responsible plant supply chains from suppliers located all over the world.

6 ethical ... supply chains set up specifically for sourcing of the brand’s main plant-based key ingredients: Camelina in Auvergne, Argan oil and Henna in Morocco, Shea butter in Burkina Faso, Pfaffia in Brazil, Moringa in Madagascar.

Through these supply chains, René Furterer supports a range of programs, including reforestation, literacy, social and economic autonomy of women and actions to combat malnutrition, while at the same time preserving and developing local skills. Our commitments



100% natural active ingredients



99% of our products are formulated with natural agents and are silicone-free.

Silicones are synthesized ingredients and have long been used in cosmetics for adding shine and aiding detangling. Problematic for the environment and health, they are now excluded from 99% of our formulas, which remain equally as effective.

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Cleanses and nourishes the hair leaving it lightweight: 91%¹
Reveals instant shine: 95%¹
Reveals incredibly soft and silky hair: 92%¹

¹ % satisfied. Test carried out for 2 weeks on 66 women. Immediate results.

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Frequency of use

Frequent use

Apply to wet hair, lather well. Rinse thoroughly. Only one application required. Frequent use.

Apply to wet hair, then emulsify. Rinse thoroughly. Only one application required. Frequent use.

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Reviews on  Enhancing Shampoo

Reviews on Enhancing Shampoo

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Smells the best! | René Furterer USA (renefurtererusa.com)

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Sens 5 shampoo is Amazing!

Hope this is back in stock soon I have two tubes. one at our outdoor shower and one in the master. love I can shampoo my long hair daily. I work hard outside and inside our home and love that it does not dry my hair out. smells subtly sensuous. scalp is good, a main concern because if our scalp is happy hair is as well! Have been waiting to see when conditioner is available...sold out still i believe? I purchased the Karite (dark green jar) hair mask and experienced superb results! will need to substitute until sens 5 conditioner is available. | René Furterer USA (renefurtererusa.com)

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Wonderful shampoo, smells good and

Wonderful shampoo, smells good and my hair looks shiny and soft after using it | René Furterer USA (renefurtererusa.com)

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Luxurious shampoo and conditioner. Smell great and leaves my hair soft and shiney. | René Furterer USA (renefurtererusa.com)

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5 Sens Sensational!

This shampoo keeps my hair moisturized, shiny, soft, healthy! I found my shampoo and highly recommend it for everyday shampooing. I have fine hair and it keeps my hair hydrated without weighing it down. | René Furterer USA (renefurtererusa.com)

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