Why and how should you stimulate your scalp?

When someone is lacking in energy, they have less strength, a dull complexion, a sluggish appearance...

The same is true for the scalp! When there is a lack of vitality, it has repercussions on the beauty and health of the hair. In fact, it’s often the condition of the hair that alerts us to the scalp’s condition.

When the hair shows signs of fatigue, it’s high time to react and provide the scalp with the elements it needs.

How do you recognize a fatigued scalp?

In order for a scalp to be able to fulfill its role as a source of life for the hair, you need to start by asking what condition it’s in. Once the diagnosis has been made, it will then be possible to provide it with the targeted hair care it needs.

A healthy scalp benefits from optimal cell renewal and sebum production that is properly regulated by the hormonal system. But this is not the case with a scalp that’s suffering.

What are the signs of a fatigued scalp?

A fatigued scalp is a devitalized scalp.

Dull, limp, tired, weak hair... All these are warnings signs that your scalp is in trouble.


What causes a weakened scalp?

The scalp is the ground on which the hair grows.It’s therefore important to stimulate and nourish it.

A scalp suffers when it’s subjected to imbalance, deficiencies or hormonal disorders. It then becomes less supple poorly irrigated.

At this point, microcirculation decreases. Microcirculation is responsible for providing the nutrients and oxygen that nourish the soil from which the hair can grow. If it’s insufficient, the soil will be infertile and the hair will be thirsty, hungry—in short, malnourished. How can such a scalp produce beautiful, bouncy hair?

When microcirculation decreases, the hair bulb no longer receives the necessary nourishment to produce healthy, beautiful hair. It will gradually weaken and lose its vitality.

In such case, it can only grow hair that is also weakened, dull, less invigorated, thinner and that may even die and fall out.

Poor circulation can also increase the risk of toxin build-up. The quality of the microcirculation must therefore be preserved.

How to stimulate your scalp

When a scalp is tired, it needs to be invigorated to restore the hair’s strength and beauty.

To do this, you can use essential oils, natural extracts with precious properties that have long been renowned. Two of them are particularly suitable for scalps lacking energy.


Orange essential oil – through its toning action – boosts the blood flow of the scalp. Moreover, thanks to its stimulating and vasodilating properties, it improves microcirculation. It therefore facilitates the supply of nutrients that the scalp so badly needs!

Lavender essential oil has a triple action. Invigorating and cleansing (antifungal and antibacterial) for the skin, it also possesses relaxing properties at the olfactory level. These functions are essential for the protection of the scalp and hair.

Castor oil is another example, whose benefits have been appreciated since ancient times. It promotes and strengthens the keratin in hair and nails. It also provides softness and shine.

We also strongly advise washing your hair with a suitable shampoo. At the same time, you should take the opportunity to massage the scalp. The massage should be performed with the fingertips, following precise techniques. This will help care for the scalp and give it the vitality it so desperately needs.

Thanks to these specific gestures – shampoos, treatments and stimulating massages – the scalp will regain all its strength and energy. It will once again be able to give life to strong and healthy hair.


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