Caring for blonde hair: what are the best steps to take?

Blonde hair needs regular care to keep its luminous shine. Whether your hair is naturally blonde, dyed or highlighted, a specific routine is needed.


What is the best care for blonde hair?

Blonde hair likes to shine: let's do everything we can to put it in the spotlight! If it’s a natural blonde, opt for products that add shine and give your color a revitalizing boost. They will leave your hair pleasant to the touch, strong and shiny in a lasting way.

If your hair is bleached, dyed, highlighted or balayed, your hair needs care and protection. After the stages of bleaching and coloring, hair requires gentle, nourishing and moisturizing care. For best results, it is important to choose hair care products specifically designed for blonde hair: they will help to maintain the true pure blonde and golden highlight shine for longer.

Why use natural ingredients to care for natural, highlighted or dyed blonde hair?

Nature is full of ingredients and active ingredients that are beneficial to hair fibers. After having subjected the hair to the chemical test of brightening treatments, you'll have to be gentle with it. By drawing on the benefits of natural ingredients to repair damage, hair will regain its strength and shine.

For example, natural Okara extract, a plant-based active ingredient from soy beans, repairs and restructures hair. It has the benefit of containing the main amino acids that make up the hair keratin. As a result, it’s the ideal composition for repairing the hair deep down and caring for it. It also contains lipids and sugars that are useful to reconstruct the hair fiber, which will help to achieve healthy, strong hair.


The combination of lemon bark and sugar cane extracts to tighten the hair scales and enhance shine can also be very effective. These natural active ingredients are powerful allies for a naturally dazzling blonde hair!

These active ingredients found in shampoos activate and illuminate the hair with a number of reflections for a very natural sun-kissed effect. Like a shiny secret, citric acid revives and preserves the radiance of blonde hair.

Formulated without silicone, with a very gentle cleansing base, a specific blue or purple shampoo for blonde hair should gently cleanse the hair without irritating it. The formula’s PH should be acidic to be able to take good care of the hair’s scales, helping maximize its shine.

Conventional cosmetics have made silicone a success: wherever they go, softness undoubtedly follows. But at what cost?

Silicone coats hair’s surface. It gives the illusion of healthy, shiny hair. But it really doesn’t care at all! Silicone is inert substance that does nothing to care for your hair. On the contrary, its coating and occlusive side forms an insulated layer that deprives the hair of the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Since silicone only acts on the surface of the hair, but does not care for it, it’s strongly recommended to use formulas that are silicone-free, but rich in 100% natural active ingredients.

Which shampoo should I use to maintain blonde hair?

To maintain and enhance blonde hair every day, choose a blonde-boosting shampoo that will hydrate while adding shine.

The trick? Limit the impact of water and washing, which will affect the shade of blonde, by alternating with dry shampoo that cleanses hair without getting it wet.

What mask should I use to care for blonde hair?

What we call the ' straw ’ effect, when hair is blonde like wheat, but that’s as dry as straw. Blonde hair often appears to lack softness and shine.

After using a gentle shampoo that boosts shine, caring for blonde hair with a mask specially designed to add shine while deeply nourishing is a must.

Ideal for reviving hair blonde hair and enhancing its reflections, the use of a balm is very effective. It can be both detangling and beautifying, but above all formulated on the basis of natural active ingredients and silicone-free. It will recreate hair substance thanks to its amino acids identical to those of keratin. Hair’s softness and strength will bounce back. In addition to adding glow, this balm will also be able to lighten and brighten hair naturally. Blonde color is revitalized; highlights’ shine is enhanced.

A balm that doesn't need to time to act and can be added easily to any hair care routine in a flash!

What hair care should I use to look after natural, highlighted or dyed blonde hair that has been exposed to the sun?

In the sun, care with high protection.

In the summer, blonde hair is exposed to all dangers: UV rays, salt, chlorine, wind... all of the damaging effects of the hair and its aesthetic appearance. These drying outside elements attack the hair's protective hydro-lipid film and effect the blonde. Careful maintenance of your hair is needed!

To limit damage, UV rays need to be blocked and hair needs to be protected from swimming in the sea or swimming pool and sun-bathing. For this, a protective summer oil will be able to help blonde hair!


How to wear the on-trend blonde hair?

Damien Boissinot, Hairstylist invites us backstage at the latest fashion shows: always on trend, blonde is left with a slight root.

For the collections, we like a blonde that seems to have lived a little, a rather rock'n'roll blonde, with a slight root that makes it look a little less perfect.

Damien Boissinot
Damien BoissinotProfessional hairdresser and colorist

How to neutralize blonde hair’s enemies?


Care instructions no. 1: Take care with your shampoo

To limit the effects of hard water that dull blonde hair, opt for a shine-boosting shampoo. To reinforce the effect of the shampoo and to close the hair's scales, we recommend a cold water final rinse: this simple step combined with treatments will ensure maximum shine.

Care instructions no. 2: Use sun protection

Fight the wind, sun and seawater which dry out colored hair, altering its color. All it takes is a protective summer oil.

Care instructions no. 3: Rid yourself of horrible shades

Nightmarish pools with chlorine tend to “ transfer ” blonde hair. In fact, chlorine affects all hair types, but blonde hair (natural or not) is the most fragile, as it is the least pigmented. Chlorine directly attacks blonde hair color risking a green tint. 

To neutralize any unwanted tones, returning a pure blonde, don't hesitate to protect your hair from chlorine as much as possible and use a toning shampoo that, thanks to its purple corrective pigments, neutralizes yellow or greenish tones.


Toning Conditioner

Okara Silver Toning Conditioner

Detangles - Neutralises yellow tones

Brightening Conditioner

Okara Blond Brightening Conditioner

Detangles - Enhances blond highlights

Brightening Spray

Okara Blond Brightening Spray

Detangles - Instantly detangles

Toning Shampoo

Okara Silver Toning Shampoo

Gently cleanses - Neutralises yellow tones

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