Shea butter babies

SOTOKACC, a South-west cooperative in Burkina Faso, produces a shea butter of exceptional quality. They have been our historic supplier for over 15 years. 

In 2004, to promote this local treasure and ensure women’s independence, Nathalie Ouattara founded the first production unit in her native village. At the time, she sought out Mr. Pierre Fabre’s attention, who just by reading her letter, sensed the passion and determination of this young woman and decided meet with her in person. This encounter marks the beginning of a great adventure.

At René Furterer, we support the long-term development of this dynamic cooperative, which has had an incredible impact on the women of this village. As such, each year, we are committed to supporting SOTOKACC in its various projects. 2021 saw an achievement particularly dear to their hearts: the nursery opens its doors!

A nursery for shea butter babies

It’s the end of nap time. The cheerful mummering of children playing can be heard instead. In Burkina Faso, in the small town of Toussiana, a nursery has been born in SOTOKACC, our exclusive shea supplier partner for nearly 15 years. This represents a major change in the daily life of the cooperative's women. We are delighted to have funded and supported this wonderful project.

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Thanks to this €1 donated operation*,

we further our commitment to women who farm Shea Butter by building a nursery for children aged 4 months to 4 years.

* Giveaway from 01/04/2021 to 31/05/2021 for the purchase of 1 product from the Hydra or Nutri range, excluding a travel model and subject to 5,000 products and available stocks.

Close to their children who have fun at the nursery, while their mom’s work in a nearby building. Whether they are sorting team leaders, press operators or heating butter they can do so with peace of mind. They can work confidently knowing their children are well cared for by the two nannies that look after the nursery. In an agricultural region like Toussiana, structures allowing young mothers with small children to continue to work are almost nonexistent. 

“This nursery is a gamechanger. It allows women in the cooperative to take charge of their own destiny and to help their children”, says Nathalie Ouattara, founder of SOTOKACC. “It’s also about personal accomplishment. Women can now continue their work after giving birth to their child and thus maintain their economic and social autonomy. And to thrive fully in their work, their personal life, their role as a mother, a woman, and much more.”

In Burkina Faso, shea butter has always been taken care of by women: they are responsible for harvesting and processing. And so they pass on expertise from one generation to the next.

I grew up in this village. I quickly became aware of the extraordinary value of their work and shea butter, known as “women’s gold”, which has always been essential for skincare, beauty, the well-being of each and every one of us, explains Nathalie. 

With this project, we thought we could go further still. This nursery is an important step for women to be able to work confidently. And balance a whole rhythm of life.”

It’s lunch time and in the nursery just next door a dozen children aged 4 months to 4 years old are playing their hearts out, with their liveliness sounding all around the cooperative.

Nathalie's testimonial

“I am incredibly proud because I didn't make a mistake by creating the SOTOKACC. Today, I work with women. I am very touched, very happy to see how committed they are. For me, their commitment is a testament to their fulfilment. Being fulfilled isn't only achieved through work, but also by the fruits of ones work. It’s the fruit of their work they being to SOTOKACC that allows them to be fulfilled as they are. They are committed. They are fulfilled, and I am so proud.”

Nathalie Ouattara — founder of SOTOKACC



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