The first ethical partnership born from a beautiful encounter

In Burkina Faso, the harvest and transformation of shea nuts has always taken care of by women. Nathalie Ouattara grew up surrounded by them, soon realizing the extraordinary value of shea butter, the tree also known as “ women’s gold ”, that generously provides its clusters of fruit to Burkinabe women’s beauty.

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Our commitment to Burkina Faso

Develop a nursery to encourage children’s development and support the independence of women farming shea butter.

Discover the nursery project

Convinced this culture should be valued, Nathalie founded Sotokacc, a shea butter production unit in Toussiana, her small, childhood village, that dominates the wooded savannah. She grew the bold objective of presenting this precious production to the greatest cosmetic firms in Europe.

The many rejections she faced did not make her determination falter but instead pushed her take write a heartfelt letter directly to Mr. Pierre Fabre. Touched by the spirit and passion imbued in the letter, he decided to meet with the young woman in person.

From this unexpected encounter an incredible human and ethical adventure between the Sotokacc and René Furterer brand was born.

This is how, for over 10 years, we have been involved in the economic and social independence of 2800 women producing and collecting nuts, as well as 36 women employed by this cooperative, who provide shea butter of exceptional quality.



Q115 yearsof partnership
Q236 femaleemployees
Q32,800economic and socially independent women


The shea plant enriches our Karité and Karinga ranges with its nutritive virtues.

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