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How bad is it, doctor?

How do I know if my hair has oily or dry dandruff?


28 years old

" How do I know if my dandruff is oily or dry?"

28 years old


Oily or dry dandruff: René's answer

"Dear Paul,

You have come to the right place! We know a lot about dandruff. First of all, rest assured that you are far from being alone in this situation. Yes, we know, it's never fun to leave little bits of yourself on your shoulders or on other people’s seats! But you should know that we all have to deal with dandruff at some point, even if our situations are different! We'll explain everything, how to prevent dandruff (whether oily or dry) and most importantly, how to get rid of it.

Dandruff is the result of excessive flaking. What is it? The keratinocyte cells that make up the surface layer of the skin have a normal life cycle of 28 days. The scalp is constantly renewing itself, it's the circle of life (yes, like Simba). But on a dandruffy scalp, the circle is broken. Not to scare you, but our scalp is home to a merry band of microbacteria and yeast (no relation to the ones in your kitchen). This proliferation will lead to a disruption of the microbiome, which causes an imbalance, flaking and disruption of the natural barrier function of our epidermis. This disruption of our microbiome is accompanied by irritation and itching of the scalp, which causes discomfort and unpleasantness. So we'll have take action! But first, know how to identify the type of dandruff you are dealing with... "


René's advice for treating dry or oily loose dandruff

Although oily and dry loose dandruff have a common origin, they are not treated in exactly the same way, so it is important to know how to recognise them. Will the accused please rise! 

Oily dandruff: visible, itchy patches

Oily loose dandruff is yellowish flakes that stick to the scalp and form clusters or patches visible to the naked eye. They are particularly fond of oily scalps with a pronounced excess of sebum. They usually only come off when scratched due to the itchiness they cause. When stuck fast, they can contribute to the suffocation of the scalp and lead to hair loss.

Dry dandruff: a loss of moisture from the scalp

Dry dandruff is more of a whitish winter vibe, and it especially loves falling unaided onto shoulders, clothes, and fluttering about wherever we go. As they do not stick to the scalp, touching the hair, a gust of wind or a brush is enough to trigger an avalanche. While they do not suffocate the scalp, they are still linked to a loss of moisture due to an imbalance in the hydrolipid barrier. This is why they are mainly found on dry scalps.

What treatment should I do?

To treat oily and dry dandruff, we, of course, turn to an anti-dandruff shampoo. The essential ingredient: an antifungal agent, to put an end to yeast and other fungi’s antics. At Furterer, we have selected a 100% natural ingredient, wild ginger, which guarantees the same effectiveness as its chemical counterparts such as zinc pyrithione. Next, we need a soothing, anti-itching product to help our scalp repair itself gently, put out the fire of irritation and strengthen the hydrolipid barrier. We have incorporated celery extract, an anti-itch champion, into our Neopur range. Finally, the fight against oily dandruff cannot be won without a sebum regulator to put sebum back on the right track. Dry dandruff, on the other hand, will quiver at the sight of a high-performance moisturiser, to reverse the scalp’s tendency to dry out.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep oily and dry dandruff at bay

One last tip for treating oily and dry dandruff on hair: like any disturbance of the scalp's precious balance and its microbiome, dandruff is boosted by external factors such as stress, pollution, water quality or wearing hats or head coverings too regularly which prevent the hair from breathing. Think about it!





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