Organic Lavender Floral Water


Organic Lavender Floral Water: so soft, so precious and responsible!

The beautiful Mediterranean plant with soothing and relaxing properties is a beloved ingredient of René Furterer who also comes from Provence.

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The lavender used in the Naturia range is sourced from a new Fair Trade chain with Fair For Life certification. 100% French, it is grown in Grasse, on its original land, and produced within a short supply chain. René Furterer is thus helping to safeguard this local heritage, which has been neglected for years in favour of rampant urban development. This involves relocating new plots of land, ensuring that know-how is shared between producers, and guaranteeing a minimum purchase over the long term.

This Lavender Floral Water was not chosen at random. It is unique in that it offers all the properties of the essential oil, is soothing and relaxing and guaranteed to respect the hair fibre and scalp while causing no harm. And that's not all: it is certified organic by Ecocert. This makes it an ideal active ingredient and perfectly suited to the NATURIA target group: the whole family from the age of three. 

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