A long-term alliance in the fight against malnutrition

Today, food insecurity affects more than eight million Malagasies, including 80% of children in schools.


However, nature has provided this Indian Ocean island with an incredible treasure: moringa. This fast-growing tree possesses exceptional nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic benefits, hence it being nicknamed the “tree of life“. Rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, this food is truly providential, particularly during the lean period (between 2 harvests).

We are invested in an internal and sustainable moringa farming process carried out by the SEAR Pierre Fabre (Ranopiso Farming Company). Very involved on a local level, we are fighting against malnutrition through a wide agricultural and food support program.

Alongside The National Office of Nutrition in Madagascar, we pursue an educational mission with local families focusing on the enormous nutritional benefits of moringa. We also welcome children from villages surrounding the Ranopiso arboretum in order to raise awareness of the richness of biodiversity.

In addition, we are funding a training program for local farming, which relies on the provision of suitable seeds in the dry area and on poor soil. By participating in the diversification of their nutritional intake, we guide Ranopiso’s farmers towards life-saving self-sufficiency.



Q120,000 trees plantedevery year by SEAR
Q2Fightingto prevent malnutrition


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