A responsible supplier that contributes to improving the literacy of Moroccan women


Used for thousands of years by Berber women for their body and hair care treatments, argan oil has extraordinary aesthetic properties.


At a time when the argan tree is still little known in Europe, Mr. Pierre Fabre was one of the first to launch studies to highlight its pharmacological properties. Acknowledging his commitment in valuing the export of this plant and the region, the Moroccan state honorarily named him President of the Foundation for Research and Safeguarding of the Argan Tree, the latest defense against desertification in Morocco.

In this isolated and poor region of the country, considered a “Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO, women are an incredible source of strength. But once they have become mothers, they are less available to work and then lose their independence.

To address this social observation, we are investing in the development of a fair supplier with a women’s cooperative union. Committed to helping them regain their independence and facilitating their access to work, we participate in an literacy project as well as financing the creation of nurseries to look after young children while their mother’s work. Today, there are 77 children who receive long-term education and development.



Q13 nurseriescreated
Q277 childrenbeneficiaries


Argan oil, with its restoring properties, revitalizes our KARITÉ and KARINGA ranges.

Ultra Hydrating Shampoo

Karinga Ultra Hydrating Shampoo

Gently cleanses - Protects and hydrates sensitive hair

Ultimate Hydrating Mask

Karinga Ultimate Hydrating Mask

Repairs deeply - Protects and hydrates sensitive hair

Hydrating Styling Cream

Karinga Hydrating Styling Cream

Makes styling easier - Protects and hydrates sensitive hair

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