The Pierre Fabre Green Mission

Always giving more meaning to our activities

It’s our environmentally-responsible commitment to innovate sustainably, benefitting both Nature and Mankind and to naturalize our activities by continually giving them more meaning. The Group’s cross-sectional approach, consistent and meaningful to our consumers, is based on 5 major action points.


Long-lasting innovation by drawing inspiration from Nature

This is thanks to our plant-based expertise, the selection of plants from sustainable resources and the development of eco-extraction to prepare innovative and eco-designed active ingredients.

Ensuring the quality and eco-design of our products

By securing supply chains and maximizing the development of certified Organic Ecocert active ingredients, as well as our ethical practices.


Engage all the company stakeholders through social and environmental actions

Foster “green” initiatives at all levels of the company and our partners.


Respecting our farmers and suppliers

Contributing to the sustainable development of our supply regions and their communities across the globe, developing safe and fair suppliers, supporting employees (development of skills, gender equity).

Protecting our plant heritage

Reducing our environmental footprint, committing to an integrated eco-design approach for our products, promoting organic farming and promoting agroecology.

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