The Botanical Conservatory

In 2001, Pierre Fabre Laboratories decided to create a Botanical Conservatory to protect and study essences that would inspire them to create new formulas.

This unique floral sanctuary dedicated to preserving, safeguarding and researching is set up in Soual, Tarn. It now contains 855 plant species, 26% of which are endangered.


In 2018, the Botanical Conservatory developed its expertise with an in vitro culture laboratory to increase the number of endangered plants.

Several years later, a second conservatory was born in the south of Madagascar. Ranopiso's arboretum contains 350 species, 20% of which are endangered.

The group maintains close partnerships with many other French or international institutions to fight for biodiversity conservation together. Exchanging seeds therefore enables them to be distributed as widely as possible, thus helping save them.



Q11,250 speciesprotected
Q22 conservatoriesSoual (Tarn, France) and Ranopiso (Madagascar)
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