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Whether you're on the verge of hysterics or just in the midst of hair research, don't worry—we have answers! Dry hair, a scalp with a mind of its own, hair loss, lack of volume or fading color... we've put together the questions you most often ask us and have submitted them to our experts!

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I want to keep the hair I have left!

Breaking news: everyone loses their hair! It's their natural cycle. It’s when this loss becomes significant, progressive or very concentrated over time that we should be concerned. 

In terms of hair loss, there are two types of hair loss: "progressive" hair loss, which is generally linked to heredity and can be slowed down or stopped if treated in time, and "reactional" hair loss, which occurs after a traumatic event, a stressful peak, a pregnancy; in short, anything that causes the body to look for ways of reacting promptly. These two types of hair loss are not addressed in the same way!

If hair loss is not on your list of concerns, you should know that, like our skin, our hair is not immune to the passage of time: with age, it becomes thinner, duller and more tired. But it doesn't have to be that way! Give your hair a boost and the density it deserves!

For some time now I have been noticing that I continually have less hair (in the central parting for a woman, at the temples, top of the skull for a man) and my scalp is becoming more visible.

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I've been losing my hair since the birth of my child.

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I've been losing my hair by the handful for a few weeks now.

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As I get older, my hair is getting thinner and I'd like to give it more body

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I'm not particularly losing hair, but I want to strengthen and revitalize it in the long term.

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Help, my entire head is dry!

Constantly exposed, your hair needs hydration and nutrition to maintain the integrity of its hair fiber and the effectiveness of its protective film. But this need varies according to its texture! Learn to recognize yours: whether dry, very dry, or frizzy, there is always a solution for moisturizing and nourishing your hair. And when your hair is damaged, you'll need to work on deep repair.

I need a treatment after my shampoo so that I can detangle my hair without weighing it down.

Your solution: KARITE HYDRA

My hair is like straw, impossible to detangle without rich, sheathing products.

Your solution: KARITE NUTRI

The more treatments I use (coloring, straightening, perming, etc.), the more split and brittle my hair becomes. I want to deeply repair it.

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I have naturally frizzy, curly, thick hair that needs to be softened and deeply moisturized.

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My hair doesn't look good, but I feel like I'm doing everything right. What's the problem?

It's been said that healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. This is indeed the basis of everything! No matter how much you pamper your hair, if your scalp isn’t at its best, your hair won't perform!

Depending on the season, age, our environment, stress, or simply our genes, we can have very different scalp types. Some scalps are overactive: they overreact, or experience itching, irritation and discomfort. In this case, the scalp needs to be rebalanced and soothed. Others are underactive, lacking vitality and tone, i.e. there is not enough microcirculation.

In this case, the scalp must be stimulated. Just like your lengths, it deserves a dedicated step in your routine: before shampooing, apply the appropriate plant-based essential oil concentrate directly and gently massage the scalp with your fingertips. And choose your shampoo according to the needs of your scalp, not your hair!

My hair lacks vitality and shine; I want to boost my scalp.

Your solution:

COMPLEXE 5 Concentrate

My hair is greasy and suffocating; I want to rebalance my scalp.

Your solution:

ASTERA FRESH Concentrate

My scalp is driving me crazy 

Your scalp is a very sensitive environment whose balance is more or less fragile depending on the individual and the environment in which you live. The manifestations of this imbalance range from discomfort to itching; from excess sebum to dandruff. The scalp is sensitive and reacts to external aggressions (pollution, sun, dry air, hard water) as well as internal changes (stress, drastic diet). It is therefore essential not only to treat the scalp to soothe it and maintain its balance, but also to tackle the many factors of imbalance that disturb it.

I'm very itchy and I want to soothe my irritated scalp instantly.

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I regularly feel discomfort and need to protect my sensitive scalp which overreacts to the slightest change.

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My scalp gets greasy very quickly after shampooing. I want to purify and regulate sebum.

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I want to get rid of dandruff.

Your solution: MELALEUCA

How can I protect my hair’s color and shine? 

Whether it's natural or the result of a treatment, the color of our hair is an integral part of its beauty and shine! Preserving color, prolonging the effect of bleaching, or maintaining a bright white or gray are very different issues that require products adapted to the pigments in your hair.

Moreover, dyeing or bleaching is not a neutral event for your hair. Any hair treatment requires support, preparation and maintenance, both to prolong the desired effect and to ensure good health. The right care is the one that is adapted to your color and your hair. Also remember to continue moisturizing your lengths and ends with the right care products and to keep your scalp healthy. Beautiful color is a team effort!

I want to prolong the radiance of my hair color as long as possible.

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I want to brighten and preserve my natural or bleached blonde color.

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I want to tone my white, platinum blonde or gray hair.

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I want volume, shine and structure! 

We all have a fairly clear idea of our ideal hair: volume for fine hair; beautiful definition for hair that is naturally curly or curled with a bit of help; shiny, supple hair that simply can’t be beat; or silky smooth lengths that fall just the way you want it. Whatever your desire, tackle your hair as a whole and invent a complete routine that will take care of your scalp as much as your lengths. Prepare, wash, treat and enhance!

So, what would make you happy?

I want to add volume to my naturally fine hair

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I want to reshape my curls

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I want to restore suppleness and shine to my dull hair

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