Shea butter

Shea butter

The Karité range is a treasure trove of rich and luxurious formulas for moisturizing and nourishing dry to very dry hair. Discover a range of exceptional hair care products, rich in essential natural active ingredients such as shea butter and shea oil.

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A commitment to responsible beauty

This is what we have been doing for more than 15 years via our ethical supply chain, certified Fair For Life by Ecocert, in Burkina Faso.

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Today, almost one in two women claims to have dry or very dry hair! Specifically, 80% of them have dry hair and 20% have very dry hair. Proper care is necessary to rebuild the hair fiber.

So, do you have dry or very dry hair? 

Are there any differences?

What are the expectations of women according to their type? Depending on their diagnosis, there are contrasting realities, expectations and needs. Women see dry hair as an aesthetic issue and their expectations are focused on the beauty of the hair. They want soft, shiny hair that’s easy to detangle. What scares them: overly rich hair care products that will weigh their hair down. The attitude to very dry hair is different. Women are aware they have reached a milestone: the health of the hair is threatened. In need of intense nutrition, they need generous, rich and beneficial care products.

Where do the differences between dry and very dry hair come from?

- Women see dry hair as an aesthetic issue in and their expectations are focused on the beauty of the hair. They want soft, shiny hair that’s easy to detangle. What scares them: overly rich hair care products that will weigh their hair down.

- The attitude to very dry hair is different. Women are aware they have reached a milestone: the health of the hair is threatened. In need of intense nutrition, they need generous, rich and deeply beneficial hair care products to rebuild the hair fiber.

Karité: hair care products for dry and very dry hair in a single range.

Discover KARITÉ: a complete, made-to-measure hair care routine that adapts to every need, from hydration to nutrition. A treasure trove of rich and luxurious formulas.

Organic shea butter is a legendary and emblematic active ingredient renowned for its exceptional properties for dry and damaged hair. 

Shea butter has the particularity of containing all types of lipids essential to the hair and hair fiber for fine and thick hair. It offers maximum affinity with the hair. In addition, as a pioneer in the use of shea butter in cosmetics, we have mastered over the years all the specificities of this active ingredient with its unparalleled richness, which acts from the surface of the hair to its heart.

- Thanks to its ideal content in active ingredients and essential fatty acids, shea oil, like castor oil, provides the lipids needed to rebuild the hydrolipidic film and leaves a light film that protects hair from heating appliances such as hair dryers. By applying a small amount, moisture is maintained without weighing down the hair.

Naturally rich in highly nourishing essential fatty acids, the waxes of ETHICAL SHEA butter intensely protect dry hair. They fuse within the hair to replenish and strengthen it deeply.

And our Ethical Shea is now 15 years old, for ever more effective care products! 

The anniversary of an encounter, a project where expertise met emotion. 15 years of commitment and expertise! 

Since 2007, we have been involved in the production of ETHICAL SHEA butter, set up with a young cooperative in Burkina Faso. It is made in the pure African tradition, by simple mechanical pressure. Thanks to this wonderful collaboration, Burkinabe women have evolved in their production method, they perpetuate "green gold" to bring to our beauty routines, an active ingredient of the highest quality, rich in essential fatty acids, without solvents or additives.

René Furterer has therefore taken on the needs of dry hair in search of beauty and developed the new KARITÉ HYDRA care products, with active plant ingredients that are 100% natural and silicone-free. Dry, curly or straight hair regains softness, suppleness and shine with a lightweight feel. 

The KARITÉ HYDRA range for dry hair

is first and foremost a silicone-free shampoo with a moisturizing and shiny texture. Its light, pearly cream-like texture creates a rich foam. The hair is protected from external aggressions. 
For dry hair, René Furterer offers the Hydrating Shine Mask, free of silicone to take care of hair that is difficult to detangle. 
In an instant, it detangles hair and leaves it instantly soft to the touch, as noted by 98% of women (test carried out on 74 women over 2 weeks). 
Skin care products enriched with shea butter provide long-lasting hydration (according to 91% of women). 
The final step in this hydrating routine is an express beauty step every day! Without a case, the Hydrating Shine Day Cream reveals a new, non-greasy gel-cream formula inspired by facial moisturizers. This leave-in product has been widely praised because 96% of users say their hair instantly becomes beautiful, soft and shiny. 

The KARITÉ NUTRI range of products for very dry hair

With active plant ingredients that are 100% natural and silicone-free, René Furterer delivers all its expertise to very dry hair, which is eager for protection, hydration and in-depth nutrition. 
The textures are a moment of pampering for your hair while releasing the soft, comforting notes of an enveloping fragrance with gourmand notes. These deeply nourishing treatments combine shea oil, the ETHICAL SHEA butter, Cimentrio and wheat microproteins, in formulas that restore the hydrolipidic film, deeply replenish the hair and scalp and reinforce the weakened keratin strands.

A true galenic feat, Intense Nourishing Shampoo combines 12% nourishing oils with Ethical Shea butter. Formulated with a gentle cleansing base, its texture is rich and enveloping according to 92% of women (test conducted on 60 women over 2 weeks). 97% of them found their hair nourished and their scalp comfortable. 
The second step of the ritual is the Intense Nourishing Mask. With its exceptional, rich and creamy texture, even the driest hair becomes easy to detangle (for 97%) and is instantly nourished (for 89% of women who tested it). Hair is deeply regenerated, magnified, soft and supple (tested on 66 women over 2 weeks).
As the everyday beauty ally, the Intense Nourishing Day Cream is no-rinse and has a distinctive, ultra-nourishing, creamy gel-cream texture. Perfectly balanced, it offers optimal daily care, with no greasy effect on the hair. The women who tested it love it, 90% of them immediately found their hair supple, beautiful and soft (tested on 69 women over 2 weeks). 
Finally, you may have noticed, or your clients may have told you, that at times your hair feels drier than usual. It is most common during the summer or winter, but also during periods of fatigue and stress. This means you need more specific treatments with more nourishment.

René Furterer has developed two specific care products for tailor-made use.

To be used as desired, the Intense Nourishing Oil deeply nourishes, regenerates very dry hair and hydrates the scalp. Its highly rinseable formula is easy to remove. Hair regains its suppleness and shine. The scalp is left feeling comfortable.
Repair serum is the best treatment for dry, damaged ends. This silicone-free, leave-in spray with a creamy, non-greasy texture will deeply repair and prevent split ends. Ideal as a finishing touch to blow-drying, it brings strength and shine to the ends.
KARITÉ targets women who naturally have dry to very dry hair. KARINGA has been developed to provide an ultra-nourishing and moisturizing ritual for frizzy and curly hair that has specific needs due to its physiology. PURE KERATINE targets those whose hair has been abused by styling techniques. 


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