As it is weakened by chemical damage, colored hair needs care so that the fibers can be repaired and the hair can show all the rich color it has to offer. A few key steps can be followed to enhance and respect the unique radiance of each hair color.

To keep your hair color looking vibrant, it’s important to know these steps and give your hair the care it needs. Hydration, nutrition... colored hair is thirsty for care.

What are the precautions to take for colored hair?

Colored hair is fragile. It has many enemies, starting with water and the sun. Here are some tips on preserving the beauty of colored hair.

Beware of hard water that dulls the color

Beware of hard water that dulls the color

Limescale means dull effect and loss of shine. To neutralize hard water, a shampoo with a slightly acidic pH is preferable, combined with a final illuminating shine rinse. The hair rinse tightens the hair cuticles and prevents the prevents the build-up of residue along the hair fiber. Smooth hair and a radiant color guaranteed!

Colored hair must be protected from the dangers of summer

Sun, salt and chlorine: 3 things that don't work well with colored hair. To avoid color from fading or unwanted tones, hair should be protected with a protective summer oil.

How can you prolong and protect your color wash after wash?

Wash without washing: if hair was dyed not too long ago and the color already appears to be fading, there are steps to follow that help to maintain the color of the hair. Aggressive formulas are to be banished: a color-safe shampoo that will limit the color from bleeding is preferred.

Which mask should you choose to care for dyed hair?

To maintain the color’s shine and repair the hair deep down, nothing is better than applying a repairing mask at least once a week. Here's all the information you need about a step that will save lots of colored hair.

- A good mask for colored hair must contain a repairing active ingredient. Natural Okara extract, which comes from soy beans, repairs and restructures damaged hair fibers by providing it with strengthening proteins and elements similar to that of natural keratin.

- A mask for colored hair must also have a color-fixing active ingredient and a slightly acidic pH to close the scales and prevent the color from fading or becoming dull. Rich in tannins, natural Hamamelis extract helps to lock pigments in the hair fiber.

The trick? Hairdresser of the stars and top models, Romain, recommends applying your mask in the morning directly on dry hair. It work's its magic during breakfast and then is washed off in the shower.


How can I protect my hair color when it comes into contact the sun?

It is well known that the sun makes color fade on fabrics and on the hair too. To protect your colored hair, the anti-UV spray is a must-have!

The spray enhances the hair's shine and preserves the color’s shine in the long term. It may consist of a bi-phase formula that includes a UV filter, essential for protecting both color and hair. Just a few pumps is enough to provide an ultra-practical, no-rinse application.

The trick? For summer protection against the sun, sea, chlorine and salt, a summer oil is an essential.

Are natural active ingredients better for treating colored hair?

The majority of hair dyes are harmful to the hair. To repair colored hair and keep it looking vibrant, it’s best to choose hair care that doesn’t damage the hair further, but instead that gives it all the benefits of the natural active ingredients.

To repair and take care of colored hair: natural extract of Okara

Derived from soy beans, Okara extract contains mainly proteins, but above all, it contains the precious amino acids that make up the hair's natural keratin. This is therefore the perfect active ingredient to restructure the hair deep down. Okara extract also contains lipids, sugars and mineral salts which are very useful for the reconstruction of the hair fiber.

To fix color: natural Hamamelis extract

The leaves of this shrub reveal an extraordinary richness in tannins that gives natural Hamamelis extract the power to bind the colorants to the keratin and thus fix pigments to the heart of the hair

To prolong the intensity and radiance of the color: an acidic pH

The acidic pH formulas (between 4 and 7) help to tighten the scales of the hair’s cuticle, in turn preventing the color from bleeding and maximizing shine. Colored hair is protected.

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