Advice from professional hairdressers on how to care for colored hair

An expert in cutting hair, the hairdresser is the key player in helping to enhance your hair. Often, hair stylists are also colorists. A colorist is a hair dye professional that masters the art of applying Balayages, highlights, undertones and other color treatments. Thanks to their skills, they will enhance the hair with a tailor-made color. Whether it's for boosting the radiance of your face with highlights or radically changing your hair color, the colorist will know how to meet all the desires. 

Once hair has been dyed, they must be treated with the correct products to maintain the shine of the color and beauty of the hair.

Two hair professionals offer their tips and advice to help you learn current trends and how to care for colored hair.


What's the most popular hair color at the moment?

Who’s better than Damien Boissinot, professional hairstylist and hair colorist, to talk about the current color trend? Behind the scenes of the great fashion shows, it’s he who cuts, styles, dyes and enhances the hair of the top models. Secrets from the man who is also the René Furterer hair stylist

The trend? Bold color! For the past 2 seasons, we have seen a return to bold colors. The idea is to keep a natural shade all the while enhancing it. Ginger will be boosted to orange or red, a dark brown will be changed to black. The color is enhanced and maximized, pushing it to its most radiant and brilliant state possible.

Damien Boissinot
Damien BoissinotProfessional hairdresser and colorist

Hairdresser's tips for coloring already damaged hair

What should you do when your hair is damaged by coloring and by the stresses of everyday life, and in turn becomes difficult to tame? In order not to let your hair become unruly, dull and rough, here is some professional advice from Romain, expert hairdressers and founder of Romain Colors. Romain works miracles on even the most damaged colored hair, to restore moisture and shine to your hair.

The problem with damaged hair is that it’s porous and because of this the dye will take to the hair even more: that’s what we call a pigment overload. With this type of hair, I recommend that my customers follow a haircare routine that will thoroughly restructure the hair and close the scales on the surface so that they regain their protective role. You should follow a ritual that meets the needs of damaged hair and that provides natural amino acids similar to that of keratin and which will rebuild the hair fiber. My other tip for protecting hair is to do a pre-treatment with an acidic pH before dyeing it. This will close the hair’s scales and prevent the dye from attacking the scales that are already open.

Romain Colors
Romain ColorsExpert hairdresser

We often think about hair care after dyeing hair, but you cannot forget to care for your hair before dyeing it. Indeed, it is important to have hydrated, nourished hair beforehand, so that it is prepped and ready to receive the dye. This way, it will better withstand the treatment and will be less prone to damage or breakage.

How do I offset the red undertones in my brown hair?

Red or copper undertones may sometimes appear in brown hair, even if this was not the desired objective. Romain, Parisian colorist in vogue, provides some tips for removing unwanted tones and keeping a brown color intact.

" When exposed to the sun or to repeated hair treatments, those with light or medium brown hair can take on more red and copper tones. To offset these unwanted tones, I recommend using a shampoo that contains blue-purple pigments, with blue being the complementary color of orange. Both highlights will cancel each other out, bringing back the desired brown or cool brown color to the hair."

RF_Expert-dossier-hair-coloring_Dispatch_Coloring techniques

How to quickly repair dyed hair?

The mask is the perfect deep treatment for repairing damaged hair. After dyeing hair, it is extremely important to hydrate and nourish your hair, not just to maintain its health, but also to ensure the longevity and beauty of the color.

But on busy days it's sometimes difficult to find the time to take care of your hair. Especially when the mask needs to be applied after hair has been washed, which will extend the time spent in the bathroom. Fortunately, Romain, colorist to the stars and models, shares his trick to get the most out of a hair mask even when he is in a hurry.

The key when using masks on damaged hair is to leave it on for long enough. My advice to women in a hurry is to apply their mask directly to dry hair once a week. A mask can work wonders in the time it takes to have a quiet breakfast, before then rinsing it off in the shower. The result: a longer application time that maximizes the mask's repairing powers without wasting any time!

Romain Colors
Romain ColorsExpert hairdresser
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