An initiation journey into the René Furterer Hair Spa

Our Philosophy

Customized hair care, from root to tip.

Our Hair Spa is located in the heart of Paris, in the historic Madeleine district.

Because we know that beautiful hair depends on the health of the scalp, this sophisticated, quiet, confidential space is entirely dedicated to caring for hair in its entirety.

Our professional hair care and styling experts welcome you into a warm, relaxing atmosphere. They offer an exclusive treatment plan based on their observation of the scalp, after which they will create a sensory and natural routine personalized just for you.


Welcome to the Institute

We are waiting for you at 15 Place de la Madeleine to offer you all our hair spa and hair salon services.

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The diagnosis

The diagnosis

To be able to offer you a tailor-made treatment, it is important to carry out a personalized and complete diagnosis of your hair condition beforehand.

You will be welcomed in complete confidentially to an individual cabin. Your hair analysis will involve a conversation followed by a visual and tactile assessment and will last about 30 minutes in total.

A step-by-step diagnosis

Get the expert's view: at René Furterer, everything starts with a thorough diagnosis of your scalp.

Your advisor will assess the health and needs of your hair and scalp.

First of all, they will ask you about your lifestyle, your overall health and how you look after your hair. They will also ask you about any problems you have with your hair. During this stage, they’ll give you information about the condition and composition of your hair.

They’ll then move on to a visual and tactile examination of your hair and scalp.

Next, the process will take on a new dimension through an in-depth study carried out with a specialized tool. Equipped with a 100x magnifying camera, your advisor will use this high-tech device to evaluate the nature of your hair, as well as the condition of your roots and scalp (areas of irritation, dandruff, etc.).

Through this thorough, specialized check-up, you will receive a full assessment of the health and needs of your hair and scalp. They will give you personalized recommendations and reveal the your bespoke routine to take care of your hair.

The diagnosis costs €20, or is free of charge with a purchase of €45 or more of hair care products from the Institute

Hair care routines

Hair care routines

Hair care routines with precious essential oils reveal the hair's natural beauty: a bespoke sensory experience.

In the intimate cocoon of your individual booth, time will stand still and give way to pleasure.

René Furterer's secret will be revealed to you: taking care of your scalp is the key to beautiful hair.

You’ll experience an hour and a half exclusively dedicated to the health and beauty of your hair, all in a truly peaceful haven in the heart of Paris.

A personalized hair care routine

The essence of René Furterer's genius lies in his botanical expertise, which he has transformed into exceptional hair care rituals packed with essential oils and plant extracts.

The team will suggest a personalized hair care routine to meet your needs. With massages, treatments and specific brushing techniques, this routine will strictly follow the original method created by René Furterer, breaking it down into three steps: prepare, wash and treat.

1. Prepare - The René Furterer beauty secret: it all starts with caring for your scalp using the right treatment for you. Complexe 5 and Astera Fresh are the brand's signature concentrated treatments to stimulate or soothe your scalp respectively. Packed with essential oils, they prepare your scalp so that it’s more receptive to future treatments. These treatments are the essential starting point for most of our routines.
It is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. The ritual then becomes a real moment of well-being to take care of yourself.

2. Wash - A bespoke shampoo: hair care perfectly adapted to the specific needs of your scalp. With its natural active ingredients, this shampoo will give you a feeling of intense comfort and well-being, while leaving a delicate scent behind on your hair.

3. Treat - The expertise of René Furterer: a personal, in-depth treatment to bring out your hair's natural radiance. Experience René Furterer's expertise in a bespoke treatment that brings out your hair's natural radiance. With its in-depth action on the scalp and hair, this step enhances the hair and restores its natural vitality. 
With these personalized hair care rituals, René Furterer can make your dream come true, revealing your hair's natural beauty every day.

And as well as the effectiveness of these treatments on your hair, leaving it pampered from root to tip, you can enjoy a true sensory experience.
After your treatment, you can trust the expertise of our professional stylists with your newly revitalized hair, who can offer an on-trend cut and/or color to match your personality.

Our hair salon

Our hair salon

On the first floor, our hair salon offers on-trend cuts and colors to match your personality and hair type.

At the Institute, our wellness consultants put all their expertise and creativity into bringing out your hair's natural beauty.

Why not extend the relaxing, rejuvenating experience of your hair care in our hair salon?

Extend the experience

The hair's natural brilliance is the result of a subtle balance between healthy locks, quality styling and vibrant color.

Our professional hair stylists will advise you on a cut that suits your personality, body type, lifestyle and the condition of your hair. And if you're also interested in enhancing your hair color, our experts can offer you our entire range of hair-friendly dyes, which will add shine while preserving the health of your hair.


Concentrated Youth Serum

Tonucia Concentrated Youth Serum

Redensifies - Protects the scalp and hair - Hydrates and plumps without weighing down

Replumping Shampoo

Tonucia Replumping Shampoo

Redensifies - Replumps

Replumping Conditioning Mask

Tonucia Replumping Conditioning Mask

Hydrates and plumps without weighing down

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