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Intensive Hair Care

All hair types


Explosion of energy, source of strength and vigour

Guarana extract, a true nugget of energy, combined with a trio of orange, lavender and rosemary essential oils for hair that is vigorous and brimming with vitality.

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A treasure of richness, from hydration to nourishment

Shea butter is renowned since time immemorial for its nourishing and regenerative properties for very dry hair.

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Dry, very dry hair



A treasure of richness, from hydration to nourishment

Shea oil, rich in essential fatty acids, hydrates dry hair without weighing it down

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Tightly coiled, natural, or straightened hair


KARINGA ritual for tightly coiled, natural, or straightened hair | René Furterer

Work wonders with tightly coiled, natural, or straightened hair

A combination of three key ingredients from Africa - Shea butter, Argan oil, Moringa extract - to hydrate, restructure and protect black and afro hair.

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Oily hair


CURBICIA - Oxygenating care ritual for oily hair

Purify and rebalance the scalp

Curbicia extract is combined with absorbent Clay and essential oils to purify and cleanse oily scalps.

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Thinning hair


A concentrate of efficacy, creator of life and growth

Biotrinine, a new triple-action ingredient, acts in each of the three stages in the lifecycle of a hair to slow down hair loss and extend the hair’s lifespan.

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A new start for your hair

TRIPHASIC REACTIONAL quickly reactivates hair growth and strengthens hair, preserving the scalp's natural balance. It helps hair look visibly denser and provides vigor and vitality.

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MELALEUCA - Purifying care ritual for hair with dandruff

Eliminate dandruff and cleanse the scalp

Extracted from the Australian tea tree, Melaleuca essential oil cleanses, purifies and soothes scalps suffering from dandruff.

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Sensitive or irritated scalp


The relaxing experience with cooling essential oils

Asteraceae extract is combined with cooling Mint and Eucalyptus essential oils to soothe irritated scalps.

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A protective shield for your scalp

The association of Asteraceae extract and Hamamelis floral water provides natural protection and restores comfort to the sensitive scalp

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A protective shield for your scalp

Discover the infinite softness of the new ASTERA SENSITIVE dermo-protective ritual. Its formulas enriched with natural-origin Asteraceae extracts and Witch hazel floral water reduce the reactivity of sensitive scalp while protecting it lastingly. The serum, with a fluid gel texture and enriched with natural-origin Moringa extract, acts as an invisible shield to protect your scalp from external stress factors. A hair care product associated with a high-tolerance shampoo in a ritual with light textures and a delicate fragrance for a delightful moment of relaxation. You will find comfort and balance on a daily basis, for soft, shiny hair.


Soothing freshness concentrate
Irritated scalp
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Dermo protective shampoo
Sensitive scalp
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Pollution protective serum
Sensitive scalp
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Beauty hair care

Thin, weakened hair



Breathe youth into your hair

The secet of the pro-youth routine TONUCIA NATURAL FILLER is a vegetal hyaluronic acid-like molecule of 100% natural vegetal origin, to replump, redensify and deeply hydrate hair that has grown thinner and weaker with the passage of time.

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Damaged, over-processed hair


Offer a well-deserved break to your hair

ABSOLUE KERATINE Renewal Care repairs and enhances hair that is damaged and over-processed, making it lastingly beautiful and resistant.

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Colored hair


Naturally protect and prolong the radiance of colored, dyed hair

The association of the natural-origin Okara extract with reparing powers with natural-origin Witch-hazel extract, a color fixer, protects color-treated hair and prolongs its radiance.

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Natural, highlighted or dyed blond hair


OKARA BLOND - The blonde radiance ritual - Natural, highlighted or colored blonde hair| René Furterer

Naturally brighten and illuminate blond hair

The association of the natural-origin Okara extract with reparing powers comnined with the active key-ingredient RefletLumière ™ brightens and illuminates all blondes.

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Gray, white, or platinum blond hair


OKARA SILVER -The silver radiance ritual - Gray, white, or platinum blond hair| René Furterer

Immediately neutralize brassy, yellow tones to enhance gray, white or blond hair

The association of the natural-origin Okara extract with reparing powers combined with violet pigments for a pure color, adorned with cool tones.

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Fine hair lacking volume


VOLUMEA - Volumizing care ritual for fine hair

Create ethereal volume from root to tip

Carob extract, the fruit of the unusual rounded tree, attaches itself to each individual fine hair to create light and airy volume.

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All hair types


Illuminate your hair with shine

Fioravanti Alcohol, an ancient plant-based recipe, is combined with Acerola Vinegar for silky, brilliantly shiny hair.

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Unruly or straightened hair


LISSEA - Straightening care ritual for unruly, frizzy hair

Enhance and straighten your unruly hair

Physalis, a berry delicately encased in a lacy calyx, is combined with Avocado Oil for silky, shiny and straight hair.

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Wavy, curly hair


SUBLIME CURL -  CURLS Ritual - Wavy, curly hair | René Furterer

Awaken the exquisite nature of curls

The combination of Acanthus extract, with patented curl-enhancing properties, and Evening Primrose Oil, an anti-humidity and frizz-prevention shield, redefine curls and give them all-day protection.

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All hair types


A revelation of beauty, enchanting and refined

A precious alchemy of five oils of 100% natural origin to reveal the beauty of the hair and body everyday.

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The SOLAIRE ritual for hair exposed to sun, sea, and pool | René Furterer

High protection for hair

Sesame oil is combined with UV filters to protect the hair from exposure to the sun, salt and chlorine.

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