Symphony of the five sens

A revelation of beauty, enchanting and refined.

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Enhancing dry oil

Sensual body and hair spray

An exquisite dry oil with an enchanting fragrance, formulated with a unique botanical expertise, 5 SENS oil is René Furterer’s hair and body care product. The alchemy of 5 plant-based oils provides an astonishing blend between nourishment and sensory pleasure. The sublime dry-touch texture gives skin a satin finish and hair a silky feel. 5 SENS Oil, already a cult product, is presented in a sophisticated packaging, making it a gem to look at and wear.

Enhancing shampoo

Daily beautifying shampoo

With its translucent, golden texture and irresistible fragrance, the 5 SENS enhancing shampoo cleanses and nourishes all hair types on a daily basis. Enriched with five 100% natural oils and silicone-free, it helps reveal the hair’s shine. Hair is immeasurably soft and silky.

Enhancing detangling conditioner

Exceptional detangling care with amazing effects

The exquisitely creamy 5 SENS enhancing detangling conditioner leaves the hair perfectly detangled with an express leave-in time. Enriched with five 100% natural oils and silicone-free, it nourishes all hair types without ever weighing them down. As if transformed, hair is radiantly beautiful, silky and irresistibly fragranced.