Hairstylist tips for caring for white and gray hair

Haircuts, dealing with the transition from dyed to natural hair... Our hairstylists share their tips on maintaining white and gray hair

Which haircut to give a youthful look to gray hair?

"Gray and white hair needs to be kept in optimal condition to avoid brassy, yellow tones and keep a beautiful texture. We’ll also focus on short, well-structured styles, neat bobs that give hair an instant boost and change its age." Damien Boissinot, Hairstylist for René Furterer.

A tip for easing the transition to silver hair

More and more women are stopping their color treatments to proudly display their salt-and-pepper hair. This involves a transition phase during which they let their white hair grow while still having color-treated lengths of hair. It is an intermediary phase that can be difficult to manage. To obtain an even color and minimize lines, my advice is to leave OKARA SILVER Conditioner on the color-treated lengths to obtain attractive cold and pure tones. Romain. Colorist