5 Sens

Enhancing detangling conditioner

All hair types

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Daily detangling for all hair types every day

The 5 SENS Enhancing detangling conditioner assures perfect detangling in record time. Enriched with five oils of 100% natural origin, it provides the right dose of hydration, every day, for every hair type, without weighing it down. The hair is silky and irresistably perfumed.

  • 100% natural-origin active ingredients

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By selecting the best plants, we obtain the best results

Active ingredient safflower oil | René Furterer

Oil Safflower

Originating in the Fertile Crescent, Safflower is an oriental thistle with red, yellow or white flowers. Oil extracted from its seeds is very rich in essential fatty acids, moisturizing elements crucial to the health of the scalp and to keeping dry hair looking beautiful.

Active ingredient avocado oil | René Furterer

Oil Avocado

Originating in Central America, Avocados were used by the Aztecs and Mayas over 8000 years ago in potions designed to slow down aging, as well as in treatments to encourage hair growth. The oil obtained from its flesh is rich in essential fatty acids. It moisturizes the hair deep down and helps rebuild the hydrolipidic film.

Active ingredient sweet almond oil | René Furterer

Oil Sweet almond

Symbol of love and virginity, the almond tree is the first fruit tree to flower at the end of winter. Its rose white flowers evoke a wedding dress. Soothing and emollient, sweet almond oil nourishs the skin and hair with a protective film.

Active ingredient castor oil | René Furterer

Oil Castor

Originally from Northeast tropical Africa, castor oil is cultivated today in numerous tropical and temperate regions. Containing essential fatty acids, castor oil has healing, regenerating, and hydrating properties for the skin. It favors hair growth and leaves hair shiny and soft.

Active ingredient jojoba oil | René Furterer

Oil Jojoba

Originally from the arid, hot regions of Arizona, California, and Mexico, Jojoba has long been used in traditional medicine for hair regeneration because of its nutritive virtues. It was also used as a remedy to help skin heal and protect the skin and hair from the dryness of the desert. Jojoba wax is extracted from the jojoba seeds. Its composition is very close to that of the natural oils in human skin, the sebum that makes up part of the hydrolipidique layer of the hair.


Proven effectiveness

Background efficacy 5 SENS Enhancing dry oil | René Furterer


Our secrets for a precise application and optimal results

Background Art of Application 5 SENS Dry enhancing oil | René Furterer


Apply a dab of Enhancing conditioner to towel-dried hair after shampoo.

Leave in for 1 to 2 minutes.

Comb out tangles and rinse thoroughly.

Frequent use.


5 Sens

Enhancing shampoo

All hair types

5 Sens

Enhancing dry oil

Hair and body

5 SENS Enhancing dry oil | René Furterer

5 Sens

Enhancing shampoo

All hair types

5 Sens

Enhancing dry oil

Hair and body

5 SENS Enhancing dry oil | René Furterer

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