How to maintain gray and white hair?

White and gray hair deserves only the best care. Natural or color-treated, it demands perfection: no brassy tones and only beautifully soft and bouncy hair will do.

Which natural ingredients are best for gray or white hair?

White hair’s fragile fiber needs to be strengthened while avoiding brassy tones. To take care of it, René Furterer Laboratories selected natural-origin Okara extract for its repairing properties and corrective violet pigments for a toning effect.

Natural-origin Okara extract for its repairing properties

Grown in southwest France, this plant-based key ingredient from soybeans restores structure and resilience to white hair. It contains protein, including amino acids (methionine and cysteine) similar to those found in keratin. High in essential fats and sugar, it provides white hair with the elements needed to restore the fiber.

Violet pigments to neutralize brassy, yellow tones

Violet is the complementary color of yellow in the chromatic circle. Together, they cancel each other out: purple light combined with yellow light gives white light. When applied to hair, violet pigments help neutralize brassy, yellow tones without actually coloring the hair.

Are silicone-free products better for the hair?

Conventional cosmetics have driven the success of silicone: silicone leaves irresistible softness. But under what conditions?

Silicone coats the surface without treating: an inert substance, silicone provides no hair care benefits at all. Quite the opposite, its coating and occlusive properties form an insulating layer that hinders the key ingredients.

René Furterer prefers silicone-free formulas: because silicone only has a surface action, but does not treat the hair at all, René Furterer opts for silicone-free formulas that are rich in 100% natural-origin key ingredients.

Which shampoo is best for gray or white hair?

Gray and white hair needs special care to avoid brassy, yellow tones. To maintain your hair's brightness, use a shampoo specially formulated to neutralize brassiness, leaving a pure, cool color.

OKARA SILVER toning shampoo instantly neutralizes unwanted yellow tones.

• Concentration of violet pigments - The toning effect is instant. From the first wash, the violet pigments neutralize brassy, yellow tones without actually coloring the hair.
• Pure, radiant color - Gray and white hair is once again radiant with pure and captivating cool tones.
• More shine - With an acid pH (6.0) that helps smooth the cuticle scales, the shampoo enhances shine.
• Hair that is soft to touch - To gently cleanse naturally weakened white or gray hair, a gentle cleansing base that is silicone-free.  The hair is left supple and soft to touch once again.

Which conditioner to use to neutralize brassy tones?

To restore vitality and radiance to gray or white hair, use a toning hydrating product once or twice a week after shampooing. Visible effect in just 2 minutes.

OKARA SILVER Toning conditioner

• Hydrating and repairing: it helps repair naturally weakened gray and white hair. The hair is instantly soft and supple again.
• Toning: immediately neutralizes unwanted yellow tones and restores a pure, captivating color adorned with cool tones.
• More shine - With an acid pH (6.0) that helps smooth the cuticle scales, the conditioner enhances shine.