All there is to know about color-treated hair: current techniques, daily maintenance, and tips from hairstylists

Today, one out of every two women has colored hair. There are many reasons that we dye our hair: to cover gray hairs, give hair dimension, intensify color, or just for a change. Learn more about how to keep your color looking fresh no matter what you put it through.

What are the different types of color-treatments available?

Today, there are different types of color-treatments for every look and hair type. Learn more about the pros and cons of each to choose the one that is best adapted to you and your hair.

What are the effects of repeated color-treatments on hair and how do I avoid them?

Dry, damaged, straw-like… chemical dyes can affect the health and beauty of your hair. Learn more about the side effects of repeated color-treatments on your hair and how to prevent them.

How do I protect and maintain my colored hair?

Damaged by chemicals, dyed hair needs maintenance to repair the hair fiber and allow the richness of the color to shine. A few key steps are necessary to prolong the unique radiance of each color.

Expert tips from hairstylists on maintaining the beauty of color-treated hair

Nobody knows the ins and outs of maintaining dyed hair better than hairstylists. Here are some tips and tricks straight from the experts on how to keep your colored hair looking fabulous.