Hairstylist tips for looking after color-treated blond hair

The best tips for keeping your blond hair fresh and bright? Here are some secrets directly from two expert hairdressers who know their way around blondes.

How to wear blond hair with style

Damien Boissinot, Hairstylist for René Furterer, invites you backstage at the latest fashion shows: always on-trend, blond hair is now worn with slightly visible roots. 

“For the collections, we love blond hair that looks as if it has lived a bit, more of a rock’n’roll kind of blond, with slightly visible roots, which takes away from the perfection of it.”

How is it possible to maintain a perfect beige blond shade?

Romain, hair color artist in Paris, explains how to maintain a perfect beige blond shade.

“Beige blond shades are difficult to stabilize. They can quickly move towards warmer orange or yellow shades, which are the cool blond’s worst nightmare! To keep this polar beige, a special conditioner created by mixing equal quantities of OKARA BLOND conditioner with OKARA SILVER conditioner  can be applied. The combination of these 2 pigments will give a patina to beige blonds, enabling them to preserve cooler tones and obtain a more or less dramatic effect depending on leave-in time."


How to lift classic blond or plain brown hair?

With Romain, our hair color artist in Paris, put a bit of summertime back in your hair.

“I think that the OKARA BLOND spray  is a really great product! It lightens the blond shade by a tone without damaging the hair itself, which is a brilliant way of prolonging the effects of summer on hair.”