What are the effects of lightening treatments on hair?

Bleached hair, weakened hair! Lightening hair can have a magic effect in terms of softening facial features, revealing a new personality or going for a completely new look. But bleaching is an aggressive technique and affects hair deep-down. The more you know, the more effectively you will be able to repair the damage.
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What does a bleached hair look like?


In a healthy hair, the protective hydrolipidic film is intact. Keratin scales overlap perfectly and are smooth and tight. Hair is solid and silky. It shines.


Bleaching is an aggressive process for the hair fiber as it significantly alters the structure of hair and leaves it much more sensitive to damage:
  •  The hydrolipidic film is significantly damaged 
  •  The scales are generally open (basic environment pH11)
  •  The melanin has been completely destroyed

Why is hair so damaged after bleaching?

Bleached hair undergoes an oxidation chemical reaction that permanently alters the integrity of the hair and reduces its resistance.

The penetration of aggressive agents (ammonia, oxygenated water) into the core of the hair fiber impacts all of the hair’s natural properties:

• The mechanical properties are damaged: hair is weakened and breaks easily.
• The surface properties of the hair are also affected: hair becomes drier and rougher, it becomes more difficult to comb through and its porosity increases.

In summary: hair really needs a lots of loving care and attention after being bleached!

Why is bleached blond hair weakened?

The bleaching process completely strips the hair bare, which makes it more fragile and less resistant to the various day-to-day stresses represented by blowdrying, exposure to the sun and the use of unsuitable hair care products.

Already damaged by bleaching, hair continues to deteriorate: as the hydrolipidic film is no longer intact, the hair fiber is no longer protected against dehydration and dryness, making it even weaker. 

To help hair redevelop, it needs an external source of hydrating, nourishing and protective key ingredients through the application of natural, rich and targeted hair care products.


Why does bleached, highlighted, or balayaged blond hair become dull?

Immediately after bleaching, balayage or highlighting, hair is coated. Its smooth scales optimize its light-reflecting power, giving hair a lovely radiant appearance.

But over time, blond hair had a tendency to age badly: it is one of the hardest colors to maintain because blond has the particularity of oxidizing more quickly on contact with air, which can make it appear dull or create unwanted greenish tones.

When the cuticle scales are lifted as a result of daily stresses, the shine disappears and blond hair becomes dull. To maintain blond radiance and keep hair beautiful, it is necessary to apply the specific, regular hair care treatments required.

How can I restore radiance to blond hair with René Furterer?

René Furterer seeks to prolong the radiance of blond hair.

Because blond radiance is born of beautiful hair, René Furterer has created OKARA BLOND, the 1st complete ritual dedicated exclusively to natural, color-treated or highlighted blond hair.

OKARA BLOND prolongs the radiance of all shades of blond and restores health, shine and softness to hair that has been damaged and weakened by bleaching.

Out of respect for the health and beauty of hair, the OKARA BLOND formulas are silicone-free with a preference for natural-origin key ingredients.