TRIPHASIC REACTIONAL hair loss treatment

Stress, post-pregnancy, diet, fatigue

The complete treatment to slow down sudden hair loss

TRIPHASIC REACTIONAL reactivates hair growth and strengthens hair while preserving the scalp's natural balance. A unique complex of highly effective key ingredients, it combines 3 fundamental actions to help hair look visibly denser and provide vigor and vitality. From the 1st month, proven anti-hair loss efficacy for 92% of users.* *Clinical study conducted with 51 subjects. Phototrichogram.

  • No Wait Time
  • Once a week
  • No rinse
  • 1 kit = 3-month treatment
  • Sudden hair loss
  • Stress, fatigue, post-pregnancy, diet

By selecting the best plants, we obtain the best results

Extract Pfaffia

Originating in the Amazon rainforest, Pfaffia or Brazilian Ginseng is one of the most celebrated plants in traditional medicine. This active ingredient with unrivaled power maximizes the supply of essential elements to the hair, activating the growth factor VEGF which improves micro-circulation thereby, stimulating growth. Its effectiveness in preventing hair loss has led to its patent. PATENTED ACTIVE INGREDIENT.

Natural-origin key ingredient Lotus Mineral Complex™

"This complex is a combination of the aqueous extracts of blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) and white Indian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) from Southeast Asia (Laos, the East Indies, Sumatra, etc.) and magnesium salt. It acts on the inflammatory pathway to fight against cellular stress and preserve scalp's natural balance."

Lemon active ingredient | René Furterer

Essential oil Lemon

Discovered in the foothills of the Himalayas in China and India, Lemons were brought back to Europe during the era of the world's great explorers. Precious essential oil is extracted from its rind and used for its stimulating and antiseptic properties.


Proven effectiveness

Product effectiveness  | René Furterer
  • Hairs in telogen phase from the 1st month
  • Rapid action against hair loss from the 1st month

(1) number of hairs in rest phase of hair loss/cm2 (p<0,0005) (2) % satisfaction after 28-day study on 51 subjects (3) IMS Health-Pharmatrend - #1 brand in cosmetic treatments for thinning hair lotions and vials outside of AMM. CMA from July 2014 in France in volume and value.


Our secrets for a precise application and optimal results

René Furterer | How to apply your product


After washing hair, apply the entire contents of one vial, section by section, to a clean and damp scalp.

Massage the scalp to work in the product.

No need to rinse.

1 application per week for 3 months.



TRIPHASIC stimulating shampoo with essential oils

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TRIPHASIC Texturizing detangling conditioner

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