Complexe 5

Regenerating plant extract

Strength and beauty treatment

An elixir for beautiful hair

Combining effectiveness, sensory stimulation and natural products, the COMPLEXE 5 Regenerating plant extract is the essential treatment for your hair's health and beauty. A true hair beauty elixir, COMPLEXE 5 tones and fortifies your scalp from the roots. All your senses will be awakened: a subtle golden color, a precious texture rich in essential oils, a refreshing and soothing fragrance. An intense moment of pleasure that you can continue with a relaxing massage.

Cult products
  • 5 to 10 min
  • 1 to 2 times per week
  • Pre-shampoo
  • Also available in a 12-vial package
  • Prepare and massage the scalp
  • Multiplies penetration by 10

By selecting the best plants, we obtain the best results

Sweet orange active ingredient | René Furterer

Essential oil Orange

Imported from the foothills of the Himalayas by Portuguese explorers, sweet Orange was a luxury fruit until the first half of the 20th century. The essential oil extracted from its rind is renowned for its light, mouth-watering aroma and soothing properties, but it is also an effective cleanser and stimulant for micro-circulation.

Essential oil Lavender

Lavender was discovered in Persia in ancient times. With its unique perfume, this small bluish-mauve flower was used by the Romans for relaxation and to fragrance their baths. Its precious essential oil obtained by distillation is renowned for its antiseptic and relaxing qualities.


Proven effectiveness

Product effectiveness  | René Furterer
  • Multiplies effectiveness of subsequent treatments by 10

(1) Ex-vivo study, results obtained one hour after applying COMPLEXE 5, associated with stimulating massages. Used as the first step in a routine, COMPLEXE 5 cleans and prepares your scalp while activating its micro-circulation.


Tips for caring for and styling your hair


Take advantage of the COMPLEXE 5 application to give yourself a massage. It will soothe and relax you, as well as provide genuine toning and stimulation for your hair. With your elbows on a table and your head tilted forward between your hands, slowly massage your scalp (as if you were going to lift it) using circular motions from the nape of your neck to the crown of your head. Breathe in deeply and close your eyes. Banish any tension, with both hands flat against your scalp.


Don't forget to brush: the essential step for beautifying your hair. It eliminates dirt and loose hair and restores volume. Every day, and always before applying a mask, brush your hair from the nape of your neck towards the front, with a brush in each hand and your head tilted forward. Continue along the sides, towards the crown, from the front to the nape of your neck.


COMPLEXE 5 Regenerating plant extract acts like a fertilizer for your scalp. Consider using it regularly to accelerate hair growth.


Our secrets for a precise application and optimal results

René Furterer | How to apply your product


Shake and apply section by section over your entire scalp using the applicator tip. Massage.

Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. A heating sensation related to the activation of microcirculation may occur.

Rinse and use a shampoo that is appropriate for your scalp.

Frequency of use: 1 to 2 times per week.



Illuminating shine rinse

Dull hair, lacking shine

 LUMICIA Illuminating shine rinse René Furterer


Intense nourishing mask

Very dry hair