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René Furterer hair care rituals

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Hair type

Intensive Hair Care

Dry, very dry hair


Treat extremely dry hair to the richness of Shea butter

Shea has been renowned since time immemorial for its ability to nourish and regenerate even the driest of hair, deep down.

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Wrap dry hair in softness

Safflower oil is combined with an exclusive Moisturizing Complex to make dry hair soft and light.

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Extremely damaged, brittle hair



Reveal the original beauty of extremely damaged, brittle hair

Rich in amino acids, Plant Keratin helps extremely damaged and brittle hair regain its original strength and beauty.

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Oily hair


CURBICIA - Oxygenating ritual

Purify and rebalance the scalp

Curbicia extract is combined with absorbent Clay and essential oils to purify and cleanse oily scalps.

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Hair loss


Treat hair loss, extend the life of each hair

TRIPHASIC VHT ATP INTENSIF regenerating treatment provides targeted hair loss action on each factor responsible for hormonal and/or hereditary hair loss, stimulating the growth of stronger hair.

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Treat hair loss and reactivate growth

As a concentrate of plant extracts and essential oils, RF80 Treatment slows down hair loss due to stress, diet, fatigue or after pregnancy.

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Lifeless, tired hair


TONUCIA - Anti-aging ritual

Add density to thinning hair from root to tip

Lemon Balm extract, a powerful antioxidant, is combined with Orange and Lavender essential oils to bring density and volume to the hair.

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Sensitive or irritated scalp


ASTERA FRESH - relaxing ritual

Instantly soothe the heat of irritated scalps

Aster extract is combined with cooling Mint and Eucalyptus essential oils to soothe irritated scalps.

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Hair with dandruff


MELALEUCA - anti-dandruff ritual

Eliminate dandruff and cleanse the scalp

Extracted from the Australian "tea tree", Melaleuca essential oil cleanses, purifies and soothes scalps suffering from dandruff.

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