RF 80


Concentrated serum for hair loss

Sudden or temporary hair loss

Expert anti-hair loss treatment for all factors responsible for reactive hair loss

Stress, fatigue, illness, hormonal imbalance or a pregnancy can provoke sudden hair loss. RF 80 Concentrated anti-hair loss treatment fights against the two factors responsable for reactive hair loss, vascular and nutritional. The latest innovation, ATP, acts deep in the heart of the follicular papilla to reactivate hair growth. Particularly adapted to temporary hair loss in women, RF 80 launches hair regrowth for hair that is visibly stronger, more robust, and denser from the first month of treatment.

  • Once a week
  • No rinse
  • 1 kit = 3-month treatment
  • Temporary hair loss
  • Stress, fatigue, post-pregnancy

By selecting the best plants, we obtain the best results

Pfaffia active ingredient | René Furterer

Extract Pfaffia

Originating in the Amazon rainforest, Pfaffia or Brazilian Ginseng is one of the most celebrated plants in traditional medicine. This active ingredient with unrivaled power maximizes the supply of essential elements to the hair, activating the growth factor VEGF which improves micro-circulation thereby, stimulating growth. Its effectiveness in preventing hair loss has led to its patent. PATENTED ACTIVE INGREDIENT.

Sage active ingredient | René Furterer

Essential oil Sage

Renowned for its healing properties in the Middle Ages, Sage is recognized by the Chinese almost as much as their most revered teas. Louis XIV even made it his herbal tea of choice, drinking it at any occasion. Today, Sage leaves are used to kill bacteria, heal wounds and stimulate the scalp.

Lemon active ingredient | René Furterer

Essential oil Lemon

Discovered in the foothills of the Himalayas in China and India, Lemons were brought back to Europe during the era of the world's great explorers. Precious essential oil is extracted from its rind and used for its stimulating and antiseptic properties.


Proven effectiveness

Product effectiveness  | René Furterer
  • Hairs in telogen phase from the 1st month
  • Rapid action against hair loss from the 1st month

(1) number of hairs in rest phase of hair loss/cm2 (p<0,0005) (2) % satisfaction after 28-day study on 51 subjects (3) IMS Health-Pharmatrend - #1 brand in cosmetic treatments for thinning hair lotions and vials outside of AMM. CMA from July 2014 in France in volume and value.


Tips for caring for and styling your hair


How can you tell progressive hair loss from reactive hair loss?

You have noticed a decrease in hair density for less than 3 months. Your hair falls out abundantly and suddenly. You find it everywhere: on your pillowcase, in your hairbrush, in your fingers, etc : you have reactive hair loss.

You have noticed a slow, gradual decrease in hair density for more than 6 months, resulting in sparse, thin hair You have a family history of hair loss : you have progressive hair loss.


Our secrets for a precise application and optimal results

RF 80 Concentrated serum for hair loss application video  | René Furterer More +
René Furterer | How to apply your product


Apply all of the vial, section by section, using the applicator tip, to a clean scalp.

Massage the product into your scalp.

Do not rinse.

Frequency of use: once a week for 3 months.

Complexe 5 Regenerating plant extract Complexe 5 | René Furterer


As the first step in a hair care routine, COMPLEXE 5 helps to activate microcirculation of the scalp. This optimizes the effectiveness of subsequent treatments by multiplying the penetration of active ingredients by 10.

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Sudden or temporary hair loss

Sudden or temporary hair loss

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